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Where to Eat, Sleep & Shop in Portland, Oregon

Where to Eat, Sleep & Shop in Portland, Oregon

Matty and I travel to Portland once a year and fall more and more in love with the city with each visit. It combines everything we love amazing food with locally owned shops and cute as hell Airbnb’s. Portland has everything we want when we travel and below are all our favorite restaurants, shops and places to stay.

Where to Eat in Portland, Oregon

Portland has some of the best restaurants in the country. The best fried chicken I’ve ever had was in Portland, the best hummus, best frozen yogurt. Every meal we have here is amazing. If you go to Portland just for the food, you’ll have an amazing trip.

Tusk - Tusk is known for it’s seasonal focus and hand-crafted cocktails. Plus, it has the best hummus and pita I’ve ever had and the design is next level. We go right when they open for weekend brunch to get the best pics and avoid the lines.

Lovely’s Fifty Fifty - This was our favorite meal of our last trip. Lovely’s makes wood fired pizzas and their own ice cream. Basically the best combination. We left giddy and tipsy and wishing we were staying another night to go back. We got the mushroom pizza and my mouth is watering thinking about it!

Han Oak - Han Oak is homestyle Korean food. The wings and cocktails are next level. Make a reservation ahead of time, it gets booked quickly.

Mae - Mae’s was an incredible supper club in Portland with a southern focus. Now, Maya (the chef and owner) is working to open a brick and mortar location with all the same delicious staples on the menu. Seriously, the best fried chicken we have ever had.

Ava Gene’s - We make it a point to come to Ava Gene’s every time we visit Portland and it never disappoints. With a seasonal, Italian menu you get the best veggies the city has to offer, year round. Get at least one salad, it’ll blow your mind.

Grassa - Grassa is affordable, delicious Italian food.

Pip’s Original Doughnuts and Chai - As I’m sure you have guessed from the name, Pip’s specializes in mini doughnuts and chai! Need I say more? I get an iced chai flight and a sampling of all their flavors of doughnuts.

Nong’s Khao Man Gai - A Portland staple, Nong’s has a street cart and a brick and mortar. Boiled chicken over rice with a broth that’ll blow your mind.

Shalom Y’all - Amazing pita, hummus, shakshuka and falafels. And the name alone makes it worthy of a visit.

Eb & Bean - The best frozen yogurt you’ll ever have with local toppings. I have a punch card, we come that often when we visit Portland. My go to order is the vanilla yogurt with almond toffee crumbles. Also, what happened to all the froyo places in LA? I miss them.

Wailua Shave Ice - Do Mango One is my favorite here, mango shave ice topped with fresh mango.

Where to Shop in Portland, Oregon

Portland is my favorite place to shop. There seems to be an abundance of locally owned shops carrying ceramics made by local artists and I am here for it! We bring an extra suitcase just to accommodate for the damage I’ll do in the below stores. Did I mention there’s no sales tax?

Solabee Flowers - Solabee’s has two locations and both are worth visiting. The selection of plants here has me wishing we drove to Portland. And even though I can’t bring the plants home, we visit Solabee’s to shop their collection of ceramic planters.

Schoolhouse - Schoolhouse makes amazing furniture, lighting, and home items in their factory in Portland and you can visit their showroom and shop! This place is gorgeous and worth bringing an empty suitcase for.

Mantel - Mantel is one of my favorite shops, ever, anywhere. It is filled with unique home items, beauty products and jewelry and is home to the longest string of hearts I’ve ever seen! Just remember they’re closed Mondays.

The Yo! Store - The Yo! Store is home to funky ceramics, kids clothing, jewelry, cards, planters, just a ton of fun, cute items you’ll want to buy.

Project Object - Project Object is a feminist empire! Selling ceramics, beauty products, pipes, shirts, cards, and more.

Appetite - Vintage home items, cactus, plants, ceramics. This place is a dream!

Palace - Clothing, home goods, prints. It’s across the street from Appetite and worth a visit.

Tender Loving Empire - Their are a few TLE locations in Portland, including inside the PDX airport. They source local, handmade products like home goods, baby clothes, and even wine!

Powell’s Books - This is a no brainer. Powell’s is the bookstore to end all bookstores. Go here, spend hours roaming the aisles and walk away with amazing books.

Parachute - Not local to Portland, but I have to put Parachute on the list because Portland has no sales tax and Parachute makes my favorite linen bedding.

Where to Sleep in Portland, Oregon

If you know me, you know Airbnb hunting is my thing. When I’m bored I just look for Airbnb’s and save them for future trips. Portland has some of the cutest Airbnb’s. Below are some I’ve stayed at and some I dream of staying at.

Mid Century Plant-Filled Home - I took about 1000 pictures of Beth’s home during our last trip to Portland, it was that cute. Stay here, you’ll love it. It’s seriously the best Portland Airbnb.

The Sneakaway - This tiny back house has a stand alone tub and plants everywhere. It’s the dreamiest place for two.

Wald House - So, who wants to join us on a trip to Portland? This place is pricey but split amongst a few couples, totally worth it. So seriously, who wants to go and stay here with us?!

The Wes Anderson House - Need I say more? This Portland Airbnb is perfect for families and designed to perfection.

Portland Victorian - I almost booked this Airbnb for our last trip but it was just too much home for Matty and I. But how cute is it? Again, who wants to go to Portland with us?!

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