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Calathea Ornata Plant Care Tips

Calathea Ornata Plant Care Tips

My new goal for myself is to make plant guides for the new plants I purchase to try to prevent accidental plant deaths, seems pretty obvious, right? What I had been doing was a light google search that I'd immediately forget, and let me tell you, I've paid the price.

Warning, the first line I read about the Calathea Ornata was this: Calathea Ornata is not an easy-care plant. Next line, level of care: difficult. Well shit. Wish me luck, I just had to toss a few pothos I over fertilized and it broke my heart. Here is hoping I keep this Calathea Ornata happy and healthy.



Calathea Ornata Light Requirements

  • Calathea Ornata is native to the rainforest and is used to being shaded by other plants, so avoid direct sunlight!
  • Bright light burns leaves
  • No light prevents growth
  • Calathea Ornata likes bright, indirect light 

Calathea Ornata Watering Requirements

  • Calathea Ornata is native to the rainforest where things are wet, so keep this baby damp at all times
  • Damp, not soggy. Don't let Calathea Ornata sit in water
  • Another fun fact, Calathea Ornata is known to dislike tap water and prefer distilled water. That just straight up isn't happening for mine. Please send love, light, and positive energy to my Calathea Ornata, it is gonna need it.

Calathea Ornata Maintenance Tips

  • As a general rule for all native rainforest plants, avoid direct sunlight, do not exposure to cold, and high humidity is a plus. Basically, what the hell was I thinking bringing this plant into my home?!
  • Dry air kills the Calathea Ornata, the higher the humidity the better
  • The best location for a Calathea Ornata is a greenhouse. Not super convenient for most millennial plant lovers, including myself, so again, wish me luck.
  • Humidifiers help and generally speaking, the bathroom or kitchen is the best spot for a Calathea Ornata. So, not my vanity in the bedroom. Good thing I'm making this guide and learning how to actually care for this thing.
  • Avoid cold at all costs. Keep the Calathea Ornata away from windows or doors with a draft and definitely steer clear of fans and AC units.
  • If the leaves of your Calathea Ornata are curling, it probably means it is too hot.

Are Calathea Ornata Poisonous?

  • Ingestion can cause vomiting but overall the Calathea Ornata isn't dangerous to pets, just to black thumbs.

So, in summary, if you decide to buy a Calathea Ornata, good luck. Please wish me luck. I'm off to water this baby and find it a home in my bathroom or kitchen I guess.

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