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Living Room Tour with Shopping Links & Furniture Reviews

Living Room Tour with Shopping Links & Furniture Reviews

Since I have an interior focused Instagram, I get asked all the time where things are from, what color they are in, and how I like them. This blog post will answer all those questions and have links to each item, hopefully this helps! If you have any additional questions, leave a comment here or slide into my DMs.



Article Sven Chair Review

Every time I post a picture about this chair, someone asks me about it. I think because it is from Article and they are an online only company so you can't test it out before you buy. Well, I am here to tell you that this chair has made me an Article believer! The chair itself is maybe the most comfortable piece of furniture we own. The depth is crazy, you can curl up on this for days, the fabric is durable, our dog has thrown up on it but no one would know, except now you will because I told you, and the height is perfect. Overall, 10/10 would buy again, love this chair.

I also love that Article has a flat rate of $49 for shipping! That is bonkers compared to other white glove fees. AND I ordered this chair on a Monday and got it by the end of the week! Again, this is bonkers, looking at you West Elm with your 2-3 month delivery and $100+ white glove fees.

Target Tiered Stand Review

That cute side table was a steal at $49.99 and I absolutely love the look of it. I saw it in an Instagram story, hunted it down at a local Target and bought it that day after work. I love that it is tiered, although it is not wide so I have to pick and choose what to display, but the retro look and the price tag sold me on it.



West Elm Urban Sectional Review

First up, the West Elm Urban Sectional. I love this couch. It is incredibly comfortable, has a great depth to it, and the arm rests are wide and flat making them perfect for resting a remote or drink on. That being said, we have had the couch for about a year and a half and it definitely has some sag to it. The cushions are looking more worn in but hey, it's a couch and my husband and I are homebodies so we spend a lot of time on it. Overall, a great piece that I'm glad we purchased.

West Elm Marble Coffee Table Review

I saw this coffee table at an open house, became obsessed, hunted it down and made the splurge. Was it worth it? Yes and no. I love the look of it, I love the wooden part that acts as extra storage, but damn does it show a water mark like nobodies business. I am very strict on coasters but there are still watermarks on this beauty. Would I buy it again? Probably not. Am I glad I bought it? Absolutely.

West Elm Round Mirror Review

If you have researched large round mirrors then you know they are expensive. The one I originally set my eyes on was well over a thousand dollars, this West Elm mirror was less than half that AND it came in rose gold. I was sold. I ordered it online and my husband hired someone from Task Rabbit to hang it to avoid an inevitable fight if we were to try to hang it ourselves. The guy came, we opened the box, the mirror was shattered. This is a long story but basically the second mirror that came was also shattered, returning and all that was an absolute nightmare but I was finally able to hunt one down at a store in LA and hire someone from Buddy Truk to pick it up and drop it off. We got it hung and I love the look of it. 



West Elm Pixel Rug Review

I get a ton of questions about this rug. It is definitely a statement piece, it is bright and colorful and not for the faint of heart or those who love a minimal, Scandinavian look, but for our home it is perfect. I draw inspiration from the mustard and blush tones in the rug to decorate the rest of the space and I am very mindful of clashing colors and avoid purchasing anything in a shade that will not go with the room. It also has great texture with raised portions, I feel like this makes it more durable, especially having a dog that occasionally feels the urge to dig. Another bonus is that it is so colorful it hides spills really well. 

West Elm Modern Media Console Review

There are a few things I love about this media console, the clean, modern look of it, the drawers perfect for storing cables and remotes, and the fact that it is tiered, perfect for showcasing plants and other knick knacks. The only thing that I don't love that I didn't think about before purchasing, was the open space in the back. Cables are very visible because of this, but it seems like more of a pain point for my husband than for me. I love that this media console provides extra storage for the random plants and ceramics I buy.

That's it, that is our living room. Let me know if you have any other questions. I didn't review the pillows because they're pillows, they're cute, comfy and drive my husband crazy.

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