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Elephant Ear Plant Care Tips

Elephant Ear Plant Care Tips

Caring for plants is hard. And when you own different varieties it is hard to keep all the unique plant care tips straight. I find myself constantly googling how much light and water my plants need and then immediately forgetting what I read. So, I started the Plants section of the blog for myself, to keep my plants needs straight and I figured it might help some of you guys as well.

I'm starting with my newest family member, the Elephant Ear. I think of Elephant Ears as the new Fiddle Leaf Figs. They make a big statement in home decor and look great in any and every room. Elephant Ears, aka Colocasias, are tropical plants known for their distinct heart-shaped leaves that can be grown indoors or outdoors. The plant care tips on this page are specific to indoor, potted Elephant Ears like mine below.



Elephant Ear Light Requirements

  • Elephant Ears like shade.
  • Elephant Ears like filtered light, ie. behind a curtain.
  • Elephant Ears should not receive direct sunlight.

*Filtered sunlight is preferable.

Elephant Ear Watering Requirements

  • Elephant Ears like a lot of water, keep the soil moist (I hate that word but it's what this plant likes).
  • The more you water your Elephant Ear, the more it will grow.

Elephant Ear Maintenance Tips

  • Fertilize your Elephant Ear plant from March through October.
  • Trim or prune any wilted or brown Elephant Ear leafs at the base of the stalk.

Are Elephant Ears Poisonous?

  • Elephant Ears are mildly poisonous, causing an upset stomach when ingested. Throwing this in here because I never thought about this when I started collecting plants. If you have a pet or child that likes to stick things in their mouth, this plant may not be for you.
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