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Goals, Motivation, & Manifesting My Future

Goals, Motivation, & Manifesting My Future

I turned 30 in December of last year and it hit me that I don't know what I want to do with my professional life. I have a degree in marketing and am currently utilizing it by working as a content creator and email marketer. I create promotions, I manage a few blogs, and I draft and compose our emails. I enjoy the work I do but I am not passionate about it. I am bored by the monotony of the rigid schedule, the traffic to and from work, the excitement over birthday cake in the office and what to eat for lunch. I yearn for freedom but I am scared of obtaining it. 

So I decided to set some goals for 2018. I wanted to focus on trying new things and honing skills I didn't know I had. 

  • Goal 1: Create a blog
  • Goal 2: Focus on my social media. Post regularly and try to gain a following.
  • Goal 3: Try new things.

For goal 3 I made this list in my notes app on my phone. 


I follow a lot of women-run businesses on instagram, I read a lot of blogs written by women and I listen to a lot of female empowerment podcasts. Through all this I have found stories of women pursuing their passions and creating careers from hobbies. This was my inspiration for creating that list of goals.

One day at work I listened to an interview with Britt of Swell Press Paper. In it, she talked about how one year she made it her mission to try something new every month. That led to her taking classes in letter pressing and now, over a year later it is her full-time job! 

A few days later while reading through the Sunwoven blog, I stumbled across a post of how Erin began her weaving business. She saw a weaving tutorial online and decided to try it for fun. Now she has a successful weaving company, employs a team of women and sells to stores like West Elm. 

I felt inspired and empowered by these women to try new things and see what would come of it. With some prompting from some amazing friends, I started this blog, began curating a look for my instagram (@ashleyhosmer), and completed my first ever crochet project, a shell stitch blanket

I wrote this post to reference as motivation for myself. I get tired and complacent but I need to push myself to do more, hopefully these words will do that.

Shell Stitch Crochet Blanket

Shell Stitch Crochet Blanket