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How To Pick Meaningful Pieces For Your Space

How To Pick Meaningful Pieces For Your Space

When decorating a space it can often feel overwhelming or intimidating, especially when starting from scratch. When my husband and I moved from our 600 square foot apartment to our 1,000 square foot apartment, I felt myself scrambling. How would I fill the huge living room? What do I hang over the couch? What do we do with that empty corner?!

I dove into instagram, pinterest, interior design blogs, and Apartment Therapy home tours looking for inspiration. My biggest takeaway with each home I looked at was how different each one was from the other. I started noticing the things I liked and noting the things I didn't and before long I had a list of inspiration. 

For over a year I had been looking at weavings. They were everywhere, in the homes of people I admired, on the shelves at Target, on Etsy, at the Craft Fairs I attended. But I never bit the bullet and bought one until I stumbled upon Erin's site Sunwoven. Her pieces spoke to me in a way none of the others did. They all looked unique and different but masterfully made. When I sent her the initial email asking for a custom piece, I sent her three radically different styles because I loved them all so much. We went back and forth, I showed her what our room looked like and told her I wanted the piece to have neutral pink, cream and grey shades with pops of gold. She sent me color options and together we picked the shades that worked best for my room. This creative journey inspired me and set the tone for how I style rooms. 


Now whenever faced with a room rehaul or a blank canvas, I start with one focal piece and let that dictate what the room will look like. In our bedroom that piece is the Sunwoven weaving. I pick bedding that complements the colors of the weaving and artwork that won't clash. In the living room it is our colorful Multi-Pixel Rug from West Elm. Neutral grey furniture sits atop it and blush and mustard colors accent the room. I have a variety of pink throw pillows, mustard blankets and pops of pink in the candles, crystals, and coasters we use in this room. Each one pulling inspiration from the colors of the rug.

In our dining room we have bright mustard chairs that set the tone for the space. It makes every purchase meaningful. Sometimes I am shopping and fall in love with a red pillow but I don't get it because I know that color won't work in any of our current rooms.


When selecting artwork, my husband and I seek out unique pieces. When we first got our sectional the glaring white space above it bothered me so much I just wanted to throw a ton of cactus prints I found over it and call it a day. Matty reminded me that that is not our style. We don't want artwork that everyone else has hanging in their home. He was right, although sometime I love a popular print so much I do slip it in, but overall he was right. We eventually settled on a giant round mirror hung off center above the couch that we both love. It takes time to style your home and I realized that I never fully feel finished but below are the tips I learned along the way.


7 Tips for Styling Your Home:

  1. Draw inspiration from home tours. My favorite sites to find these are Apartment Therapy, the West Elm Blog, Glitter Guide, and The Everygirl.
  2. Save pictures of things you love, whether it be art, furniture, an entire room, a shelf in a room, anything you like that inspires you. I guarantee that you will find common threads in these saved photos. I create folders on instagram by room. I have one for bedroom inspo, another for dining room inspo, another for art prints, you get it.
  3. Once you have an idea of what you like, pick accent pieces and design around them.
  4. Invest in these pieces, trust me, it is worth it.
  5. Stick to a cohesive color scheme.
  6. Stay true to your aesthetic.
  7. And lastly, be patient! This one is the hardest for me but also the most rewarding. It takes time to develop a style and furnish a home.

That is my advice, sometimes it is hard for me to follow but I have found that it pays off. Now when I show people things I am contemplating buying they will say things like, "that is SO you". It feels good to have a style that is recognizable as mine and to stick to it. That being said, you may fall in love with a piece outside of your comfort zone or aesthetic, that is totally fine too. Incorporate that piece in a meaningfully way or save it for your next rehaul.

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Having Our Home Featured on West Elm!