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Airbnb's The Joshua Tree House

Airbnb's The Joshua Tree House

In December of last year I turned 30. I didn't want a big party, all I wanted was a relaxing weekend away with my husband. So we booked the insta famous Joshua Tree house and booked it to J Tree. 


The house is exactly as pictured, a mix of eclectic bohemian with homey touches. Next to the couch you'll find a bowl of crystals. Lining the wall, a few throw blankets and in the bedroom soft bedding and a comfortable mattress.


My favorite room was the room we only visited. It shares a wall with the living room but you can only access it from the backyard. You can go around the whole house or through a side door in the kitchen but either way, a little funky. 


The living room is where we spent most of our time. We swung from the hanging chairs and curled up on the leather sofa to watch tv, oh and eat cake. 

All in all, I loved our weekend away in Joshua Tree. We went in December when it was chilly, perfect for walking amongst the Joshua Trees in the national park. 

Joshua Tree has no shortage of gorgeous Airbnb offerings, but I highly recommend this one.


Have a favorite Airbnb? Link it below! I want to see and stay in them all!

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