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Fall Candle Roundup

Fall Candle Roundup

Fall is officially here and even though it still feels like summer here in LA, I am surrounding myself with cozy scents, tiny pumpkins, and fluffy blankets, I just have the AC blasting.

Roen $


I discovered Roen candles at a local makers event in Mount Washington. I needed candles like I need a hole in my head but I’m a sucker for rose and sandalwood scents so I walked away with two.

Here’s what I love about Roen: they’re affordable, the packaging is spot on, the scents are complex, the throw is incredible (I can smell these within minutes of lighting them), they’re made by a local ladyboss, and they burn evenly. Did I just find my new favorite candle company? I think so!

Favorite Fall Roen Scent: Bisou Bisou, rose and blackcurrant

Overose $$


Overose candles are made in Paris and they just look and feel luxurious. The muted pink wax matches the muted pink casing and it just works. It looks good on a shelf, on a bedside table, on a coffee table, you get it.

Here’s what I love about Overose: the packaging (!) that pink speaks to me, how evenly it burns, and the scent! I find myself hoarding this candle and just picking it up to sniff it, it’s that good.

Favorite Fall Overose Scent: Nudesse, damascena rose

Diptyque $$-$$$


Diptyque candles are the instagram IT girls of the candle world. They look good in any size, tiny to massive. They look good repurposed (I clean mine out and use the containers to store beauty products), and their scents are unique and captivating.

Here’s what I love about Diptyque: the scents are unique to them, they burn beautifully, they have a great throw (especially the larger candles), and all casings can be repurposed. It feels like you’re getting more than just a candle.

Favorite Fall Diptyque Scent: Noisetier, hazel tree

Le Labo $$$


The scent of Los Angeles is Le Labo’s Santal. Walk into any restaurant or shop in LA and guaranteed at least one man or woman is wearing the unisex scent. So, no surprise this scent is a staple in our LA home.

Here’s what I love about La Labo candles: I can smell this candle when I walk by it (unlit), the packaging is everything you want it to be, visit a Le Labo shop and they make the label right then and there with whatever name or saying you want on it. I wasn’t feeling particularly clever so mine says “Ashley”.

Favorite Fall Le Labo Scent: Santal 26, sandalwood, smoke, leather

Jo Malone $$$


Jo Malone’s packaging makes this candle seem like a present. I picked this out in a Nordstrom after smelling all the candles. The woodsy scent drew me in and I left with a beautifully packaged candle complete with a box and a bow. Now I must admit that I haven’t lit this candle yet. I love the way it looks on my shelf and I’ve been waiting for a rainy, fall day to light it up. In the meantime, I’ll just admire it from my vantage point on the couch.

Favorite Fall Jo Malone Scent: Oud & Bergamont

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